Eurolana Dye Kits

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The ultimate Dyeing kit. Everything you need to start dyeing you own wool, fibre or yarn.

Large kit includes:
13 x 10g pots of mixable dyes (one of each colour), 1 x 50ml wool wash, 1 x thermometre, 3 x pipettes, 1 x glass stirring rod, 1 x spatula, 2 x 250ml measuring beaker, 1 x pack of pH paper, 1 x pair latex gloves, 1 x dyeing instructions .

Beginners kit includes::

1 x 100g Yarn Hank Super Soft Merino, 3 x Eurolana Dyes 10g each (Red, Yellow, Blue), 1 x Pipette, 1 x Steel Spatula, 1 x Thermometer, 1 x Pair Latex Gloves.